Saturday, April 20, 2019

The Too Much Woman

The other morning, a friend of mine lit a fire under my so-sore-from-spin-class-that-I-can-barely-sit ass.  She sent me this video of Gina Hatzis.  My immediate reply was, "my life couldn't possibly be any more opposite of this woman's."

And then it hit me...

My life, in many ways, was nearly identical to this woman's.  I studied dance and grew up confident with my body.  I worked it hard and I wasn't shy about showing it off.

And, I endured years of fighting to be recognized for my intelligence and contributions, only to be invited back to men's hotel rooms for sex and coffee all across the globe.

In fact, the only thing opposite about my life was my response to it.  Through it all, she found her power.  She stood proud and shared her truth with millions.  But me?  Somewhere along the way, I got tired of the game.  I was never much good at games, anyway.  She stopped hiding and proudly announced that she loves her body.  Me?  Well, mostly, I apologized for mine.  Learning to unapologetically stand proud of being "too much" is not an easy journey... but one that all women should embark upon.  And as I round that corner toward celebrating a half century of life, I'm here to say...  I'm a hell of a lot more than a pretty face.  But I got that, too.